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S.O.S. - Zhaním tyto knihy ( ale jen v češtině !!! )

1. 4. 2017
Hledám odbornou literaturu na téma REMOTE VIEWING ohledně využiti v praxi. Např v podnikaní - tipováni sport zápasu - rustu akcii - loterie ... prostě odbornou literaturu ohledně technik remote viewing.
- Oslovuji tímto ruzna knižní nakladatelství ,kdo by je vydal v češtině ?
- Oslovuji tímto aktivní studenty kteří by tyto literaturu využily třeba na svu diplomovou praci a pak by svou diplomku ohledně remote viewing dali na internet veřejne v pdf 
- Prosba : Pokud se něco takoveho připravuje,je v planu a nebo je někde volně k přečteni ,, dejte mi vědět na sidhi@email.cz     ... s pozdravem Martin Wszilek  a děkuji předem 
UPOZORŇUJI : Nemam zájem o ezoterické braky nebo konspirační teorie !!! Zájima mně jen remote viewing ohledně technik a využiti v praxi 


Remote Viewing: The Complete User's Manual for Coordinate Remote Viewing Paperback –
by David Morehouse 


We typically think of psychics as "special" or "gifted" with unusual abilities. But David Morehouse teaches that all human beings, including you, have the inborn capacity for Remote Viewing-the ability to see across space and time.

With Remote Viewing: The Complete User's Manual for Coordinate Remote Viewing, he presents comprehensive instruction in this scientifically designed method for tapping your ability to transcend your physical senses. By adapting the training he underwent to become an elite "psychic spy," Morehouse has created an accessible step-by-step approach that anyone can use.

"Remote Viewing was created as a means of gathering information," teaches David Morehouse, "but it has proven to be much more." As thousands of his students have discovered, a Remote Viewer actually taps into the collective unconscious that connects everything and everyone in the universe.

Presented in an accessible, logical, and artful manner, here is an unprecedented training manual for learning this profoundly transformational practice, and taking the first step into your ultimate potential. Includes 77-minute brainwave entrainment CD.


Remote Viewing Secrets: A Handbook Paperback – 
by Joseph McMoneagle


Remote viewing is not simply using psychic ability to obtain information. It is using scientific protocol to develop and extend that ability, so that ordinary people can learn to do what "psychics" do.

This book teaches you how to teach yourself.

Joseph McMoneagle learned remote viewing in the U.S. Army--he was Remote Viewer #001 in the Army's Stargate program--and was awarded the Legion of Merit for his contribution to various intelligence operations. In Remote Viewing Secrets, the author of Mind Trek and The Ultimate Time Machine uses examples, exercises, and anecdotes to share what he learned and how he learned it, and gives you everything you need to begin developing your own abilities.

Remote Viewing Secrets is easily the most complete, authentic, and informative guide to remote viewing published to date.


Mind Trek


Remote Viewing (RV) is the ability to perceive and describe detailed information about a remote place, person, or thing--regardless of the normal boundaries of time and space. For over 25 years it has represented the cutting edge of research into the powers of the mind.

Mind Trek provides us with insight into new perceptions and realities and gives us an understanding of how to deal with the doubts and fears of the RV learning process. By showing the effects research has had on the author as a subject, it points to consciousness as the ultimate time-machine and the mind as the gateway to human creativity. It also establishes our own clear responsibility for the design of our future.

This book also provides excellent guidelines for how to begin your own journey toward perfecting the art of Remote Viewing.


The Stargate Chronicles: Memoirs of a Psychic Spy: The Remarkable Life of U.S. Government Remote Viewer 001


Joseph McMoneagle is now known as the best Operational Remote Viewer in the history of the U.S. Army's Special Project—Stargate. His intelligence collection results have never been surpassed and rarely equaled. Among his achievements:

He described the interior of a top-secret Soviet manufacturing plant and accurately predicted a new class of submarine under construction there.

He sketched the location and described the thoughts of a kidnapped U.S. Army General being held by the Red Brigade in Northern Italy.

Nearly a year in advance he accurately predicted when Skylab would leave orbit and where it would impact on the Earth’s surface.

After conventional reconnaissance failed, he and others were able to locate a downed Soviet bomber that had been carrying nuclear materials.

He achieved these results using scientifically designed and tested double-blind protocols. And in the years since his retirement he has continued to demonstrate these abilities on camera for national television in three countries, in the lab at the famed Monroe Institute, and for private companies.

Are his abilities a natural gift, or taught? Was it his largely unsuspected psychic ability that helped keep him alive in Vietnam, and aided in his invaluable contributions to the cold war effort, that made McMoneagle a first-class remote viewer? How much did he owe to his near-death experience in the 1970s? And why would he give up a safe and distinguished career as an advisor to the Commanding General of the U.S. Army Intelligence and Security Command to become Remote Viewer 001? This is his story.


Proven Techniques to Increase Accuracy Remote Viewing the Stock Market: Published by the Institute for Solar Studies on Behavior and Human Health, Santa Monica, CA.


Read the first 3 chapters free at: 
From the author of mightyz.com and founder of the Solar Institute, this 15th title is the brainchild of more than 60 remote viewing sessions of the stock market. This book includes explanations of the physics behind associative remote viewing and includes herbs, essential oils and binaural tone frequencies that enhance remote viewing. Presented in an accessible, logical and artful manner, this unprecedented guide includes reviewed links to brainwave MP3’s that you can download to enhance your RV skills. Everyone has a degree of psychic ability, learn to explore and enjoy using that gift by mind journeying to distant places in time and space. Gain this power through this book. Remote Viewing is more than just a means of gathering information, the next step in remote viewing is associative remote viewing. This book is the only first authentic, complete and informative guide to associative remote viewing techniques published to date. This guide has been adapted for beginners and advanced students alike. This extraordinarily book teaches you how to teach yourself. A rare resource rich in comments, papers and resources, learn to create your own future by how you think about your future. 


Limitless Mind: A Guide to Remote Viewing and Transformation of Consciousness 
by Russell Targ  


The psychic abilities of most humans are dampened by the clatter of our conscious minds. In this timely book, Russell Targ shows readers how to quiet this noise and see into the far reaches of time and space through remote viewing. He also illuminates the phenomena of intuitive medical diagnosis and distant healing in a groundbreaking synthesis of research and empirical data. Drawing on a broad range of spiritual traditions, Targ demonstrates that these psychic abilities offer a path of self-inquiry and self-realization and have the power to expand each person’s limited awareness into the consciousness shared by all beings. Targ explores the scientific and spiritual implications of remote viewing, as well as offering practical techniques and exercises to nurture this universally available but often untapped skill.


Ingo Swann


- Penetration - the Question of Extraterrestrial and Human Telepathy
- Everybody's Guide to Natural ESP: Unlocking The Extrasensory Power of Your Mind
- Secrets of Power, Volume 1: Individual Empowerment vs the Societal Panorama of Power and Depowerment 
- Secrets of Power, Volume 2: The Vitalizing of Individual Powers 
- Psychic Sexuality - The Bio-Psychic "Anatomy" of Sexual Energies
- Reality Boxes and Other Black Holes in Human Consciousness
- The Wisdom Category
- Starfire
- Purple Fables (QUARTET)
- Secrets of Power by Ingo Swan Vol. 1: Individual Empowerment vs the Societal Panorama of Power and Depowerment



Sportwetten mit Remote Viewing: Unterhaltsam, ertragreich und nicht ohne Tücken


Die inzwischen jahrzehntelangen Erfahrungen mit Remote Viewing haben gezeigt, dass man diese Technik zur Auffindung verborgener Information beinahe für jeden Zweck benutzen kann – warum also nicht auch für das Glücksspiel oder die Börse?
Lotterie, das sah man bald ein, war wegen der Millionen Möglichkeiten der Zukunftsentwicklung zu schwierig, aber der begrenzte Rahmen von echten Auseinandersetzungen, auf die man wetten konnte, schaffte sich bald einen Kreis von fröhlichen Anwendern.
Das Verblüffende ist, dass man tatsächlich mit einer Erfolgsquote von 70-80 % ohne Kenntnis von Spielregeln, Sportart und der Kontrahenten das Ergebnis eines sportlichen Ereignisses voraussagen kann. In diesem Buch finden Sie neben einer Kurzdarstellung der Remote Viewing-Methode alle Tipps und Tricks, die im Laufe der Zeit erarbeitet werden konnten, illustriert mit zehn Beispielen der drei Grundbereiche Einzelauseinandersetzung, Mannschaftssport und Turnierent-wicklung. Viel Spaß dabei, dem sogenannten Zufall ein Schnippchen zu schlagen!


Nyní se dlouholeté zkušenosti s dálkovým sledování ukázaly, že tato technika může při hledání skrytých informací, téměř ho použít pro jakýkoliv účel - tak proč ne pro hazardní hry nebo na akciovém trhu?
Loterie, že brzy si uvědomil, že kvůli milionů možného budoucího rozvoje příliš obtížný, ale omezená kontextu reálné spory, v nichž by se dalo sázet brzy za předpokladu sebe okruh spokojených uživatelů.
Úžasné, že jste skutečně možné předvídat výsledek sportovní události s úspěšností 70-80% bez znalosti pravidel hry, sportu a protistranou. V této knize najdete stručné představení metody vzdálené prohlížení všechny tipy a triky, které by mohly být vyvinuty v průběhu času, což dokládá deset příkladů ze tří základních oblastí individuální konzultace, týmové sporty a Turnierent vinutí. Bavte se bije takzvanou náhodnou podvádět!





Remote Viewing Sports Betting - DVD


Remote Viewing Sports Betting is recommended for those experienced with Remote Viewing protocol from the Learn RV course. Remote Viewing is the fastest growing declassified ESP skill in the world and has been featured on dozens of national TV and radio programs. Tens of thousands of people in over 30 countries have learned this unconscious mind secret through Major Ed Dames' Remote Viewing DVD Course and have used this incredible breakthrough from viewing tomorrow's stock market changes to predicting future disasters and life-changing events. Still, one of the most secure secrets of all was how Remote Viewers were using a variation of RV to predict the outcome of sporting events with unprecedented accuracy. In fact, Major Ed Dames, the only training and operations military intelligence officer in the top-secret program, along with five members from his professional team revealed their success on the national radio program "Coast to Coast AM" after winning more than 250,000 dollars in single weekend betting on sports matches! Now, a student of Major Dames named Sheri; who was with the team during this unprecedented weekend, finally reveals this guarded Remote Viewing method! Introducing the Remote Viewing Sports Betting DVD; the latest lesson in the official Remote Viewing Application Workshop series! Sheri has used this new RV method to generate massive revenue from easily predicting the winner in sporting events with unparalleled accuracy; achieving success rates of over 80% on hundreds of sporting events around the world. This new method is exclusive to the Remote Viewing Sports Betting DVD and covers the entire step-by-step process used by Major Ed Dames and his team to generate hundreds of thousands of dollars!



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